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        About us

        Welcome to our website!

        GetMetal Engineering SRL provides services for heavy industry (especially for metallurgy) ranging from mechanical engineering , equipment design and consulting to assistance and supervision during product manufacturing and installation process .
        The foundation of our engineering activity is based on both the extensive experience accumulated while participating in large scale projects as well as the desire for innovation and continuous improvement of the designed products.
        Based on our experience and creativity and using modern means of planning and engineering, we translate our customer's ideas into designing projects for reliable and competitive products and equipment.

        Our Philosophy

        Our Clients Success means Our Success

        Our main goal is to insure customer satisfaction and maximum efficiency during manufacturing, transportation, assembly and operation of the designed equipment.

        To built long term business relationships with our customers, based on quality and performance.
        Close and long-term collaboration with our clients allows us to study and improve their products and equipment to reflect the latest technology.

        Core Values

        • Excellence drives everything we do
        • We foster innovation
        • We embrace teamwork
        • We plan and are accountable for results
        We strive for perfection and believe that the success of our clients starts in the design stage. Our work follows principles that lead to the design of optimized products delivering higher quality at lower cost.


        Managing Director - Dipl. Eng. Cristian Dinu Florea
        In 2004 , after 12 years of extensive experience in mechanical engineering and CAD, Dipl. Eng. Cristian Dinu Florea decided to start his own company focusing on metallurgy and mechanical engineering.
        Cristian D. Florea graduated the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, Faculty of Technological Equipment in 1992.
        He started his career as Mechanical Design Engineer at former IPROMET Bucharest - one of the main institutes that had a huge contribution to the design of the Romanian steel plants. At IPROMET Cristian worked on various heavy equipment design projects for: Steel Special Treatment Plant of Hunedoara Iron Works, Sintering Plant of Galati Iron Works and Continuous Casting Plant of Hunedoara Iron Works.
        He was also part of a team that was preparing projects for Messo Mannesmann Demag Metallurgie, designing equipment for steel plants from Europe and Asia (Creuzot–Loire and Sollac - FRANCE, Alz – BELGIUM, Posco and Samsung – KOREA, Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG – GERMANY, Panzhihua Iron Steel, Baosteel Group Shanghai – CHINA).
        In 1998 he changed to Condem to manage the department of Technical Design.
        In 2003-2004 he worked for Straaltechniek Minex International as Design Engineer.


        Logo ADA ADA - PLM Solutions for integrated development.
        Logo contabil Accounting, auditing and financial consulting.
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